Video Game Squad Mobile Rental

GameSquad Bus Miami

Package description:

7 tv internal part
1 tv outside
xbox xs
** VR racing simulator **
Most popular games
1 game coach
Max capacity 16 players inside
4 players outside
Comfortable seats for gamers
Professional sound for gamers
Neon style lights and gamer party

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2 Hr x $499.99 + VR Racing Included

Service Area

Miami Dade & Broward

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for Families and Friends!

A game bus rental covers modern amenities such as air-conditioning, laser light show, wireless game controller, iPod docking station, huge gaming stations, climate control, audio systems, high-definition television sets, etc. The bus makes sure that everyone gets a chance to play games accordingly. Moreover, it enables guests to witness maximum enjoyment with a wide range of games. Another thing is that the bus allows parents to make the party a memorable one for a long-time. Guests can have a great time on the bus while playing video games.

Video Game Bus Rentals

for parties and meetings!

A game Bus is an excellent choice for families, corporate firms, non-profit organizations, and others to organize an event based on their choices. It provides opportunities for playing a variety of games with guests enabling them to get more excitement. In fact, the Bus is well-equipped with modern facilities allowing users to experience high level fun. Another thing is that it gives ways to play a variety of video console games with others to make the party an enjoyable one. However, they may vary depending on the size of a Bus.

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