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Are you looking for a video game bus in Miami? Then, My Game Squad is the right choice for you to make your birthday party or other events a memorable one. We are a family owned business who offers a Rolling Video Game with outstanding amenities. If you are fed up with old ideas for a birthday party or other events then, our bus enables you to host a video game event with unique approaches enabling guests to make sure that they have a great time after boarding the bus. Our bus aims at providing maximum fun and excitement for your guests.

Host your event in a comfortable environment

At My Game Squad, our main objective is to transform your event into a memorable one with a variety of video games. Our mobile theater is well-equipped with modern features enabling guests to play the latest game consoles with the top-rated games. We provide ways to play games in comfortable seating systems, high-quality music systems, and high definition television sets. Apart from that, our bus covers amazing laser light show for guests to play games in a climate controlled environment. 

My Game Squad offers party games at the best prices in Miami 

Our game party bus will come to your house or other location allowing you to host a game party or event for long hours without any stress. In fact, we give ways to take your games to the next level with state-of-the-art video game theater. Our trained and professional game coaches enable you to engage and inspire your guests with luxurious interior designs. We offer packages for kids, children, adults, boys, girls, men, and women allowing them to ensure maximum entertainment. Our prices are the best one in Miami and you can plan your event which suits your budget.

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As a reputed Rolling Video Game service provider, we take care of everything while organizing your party or event. We can provide your guests a lot of games allowing them to make sure that they get the best party experience. Are you planning to host your game party with virtual reality? Our bus is an ideal one for creating long lasting memories with family members and others to witness more excitement. In addition, we allow your guests to enjoy games with dancing and delicious snacks. 

Check out for our gaming selection today and book a bus in advance for upcoming party or event.

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